Arizona Genomics Institiute   ~   Arizona Genomics Computational Laboratory   ~   Stanford University 

This project has been funded by NSF award # 0501857 (PIs: Y. Yu, C. Soderlund, V. Walbot)
  • 364,385 ESTs submitted to GenBank
  • 27,455 FLcDNAs submitted to GenBank

  • Outreach Tutorial, which includes:
    • FLcDNA Tutorial, Why FLcDNA, Transgenic Plants
    • Approach, Glossary, Resources
Reference: Soderlund, C, A. Descour, D. Kudrna, M. Bomhoff, L. Boyd, J. Currie, A. Angelova, K. Collura, M. Wissotski, E. Ashley, D. Morrow, J. Fernandes, V. Walbot, and Y. Yu (2009) Sequencing, Mapping and Analysis of 27,455 Maize Full-length cDNAs. PLoS Genetics, 5:e1000740. Link
Last Modified: 10 Dec 2009